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"Keep reading because I'm about to share my best secrets about how to make that happen for you!

Alicia M Forest, MBA
Multiple Streams
Queen & Coach™

Alicia M Forest, MBA
Multiple Streams Queen & Coach™
Wednesday, 1pm

Dear Friend and Colleague ~

Can you believe summer is once again upon us? Has the frist half of 2007 passed as quickly for you as it did for me?

This is the time of year when I begin to reflect on what I've accomplished over the past 6 months and start thinking about my goals for the rest of the year and beyond. Maybe you do the same...

I'm usually pretty happy with my progress... but that wasn't always the case.

Six years ago, when I made the leap into fulltime self-employment, I had no idea that becoming a successful business owner meant that I needed to have certain things in place:

~ I didn't know that I could actually schedule my business around my life, not the other way around, and still make good money (that was a lightning bolt).

~ I always wrote down my goals, but I didn't know that I could set up a plan for actually achieving my goals - what a concept!

~ I didn't know that if I broke down my work tasks into specific blocks of times or days that I would actually accomplish ten times as much as just trying to tackle everything at once.

And there was so much more I didn't know then...but I learned quickly, mostly through trial and error, but also from some really wonderful and generous (and super successful) mentors.

And that's what I want to be to you - your mentor, your coach - or as I like to say, your lamplighter on your path to abundance... :)

You see, now that I have a solid foundation built and the right systems in place, I'm incredibly more productive and so much more profitable.

And you can be too. Really. And I want that for you as much as I wanted it for myself.

So, I want you to take a moment and ask yourself this question:

If you could kickoff this fall polished, planned and prepared -
what difference would it make?

Think about the frist half of this year. Have you accomplished the goals you set out to? Some of them? Any of them?

Is your business where you wanted and hoped it would be?

Do you begin each September full of hope for the year ahead - and then either settle back into old unproductive habits or become overwhelmed with the never-ending "to do" list?

Would you like a proven system to start off this fall (and beyond) to be the best one you've ever had?

Would you like to do that with minimal investment of time and money?

Do you simply want the rest of this year to be different? The year when your business finally took off?

Great - then you are in the right place!

"PPP has helped me so much. I am soooo on the right track. I struggled in my business for so long, but now, I've got a plan - I can't lose!!

I absolutely love what this program has done for me - it's like a switch has been flipped and I'm moving in a great direction. Thank you once again!"

~ Jenn Givler, Business Empowerment Coach

Here's just a sampling of what you'll learn:

  • The undisputed first step you need to take before you do anything else involving building your business

  • How to create a vision that will actually pull you forward and keep you excited and motivated

  • How to define the goals that are the most important to you for your whole life, not just your business (because as business owners, our personal and professional often overlap)

  • Which time management techniques work and why and the exact outline of how to make them work for you

  • The one question you must answer if you want to become abundant in all aspects of your life

  • What compelling message to put out there that will draw your ideal clients to you and dramatically increase your sales

  • How to create a calendar that YOU have control over, that gives you the freedom to enjoy the rest of your life

  • How to create the environments around you that will support you on your path to abundance

  • How to shift your thinking about marketing so it feels really good, easy and fun!

  • How to set yourself up to make passive income from the beginning so you won't have to work so hard

  • How to draw prospects to you NOW so you'll have an audience ready to hear your message

  • How to create a visual of what you want your business to look like, today, in 2008, and in the years to come

  • The secret formula to making 6-figures or more - no joke.

  • The MAJOR mistakes I made so you can avoid them - I don't want you to lose the time or money I did!

    Wow – does that sound good to you? I knew it would!

    Oh, you should also know that I wrote this entire program in "workshop" style, so you'll be getting workbooks, individual worksheets, checklists and assessments to reinforce the e-lessons as well.

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    As always with any Client Abundance production, you'll get much more than you pay for, along with a 100% money-back guarantee.

    “When I was facing a major life transition, everything was up for change. I didn’t know where to focus first. Working with Alicia gave me the motivation and structure to step back and challenge myself to envision my life and my business on MY terms.

    Alicia delivers what she promises—and more! Just six weeks later, I’m more confident that I know what I want—and how my business fits in— and feel well prepared to make it all happen. Thank you!”

    ~Sally Anne Giedrys

Here's what you get:

8 e-lessons delivered once a week for 8 weeks

Each lesson will cover the strategies for building the solid foundation and putting the systems in place to build a successful business from the start.

Weekly Workout Log

This is a weekly email report to me about your progress.

This is the part of the program that PPP graduates found the most beneficial. It kept them accountable and on task, and they made more progress in two months than they ever had on their own!
e-Coaching with me via Your Weekly Workout Log

This is worth your investment in the program alone - enough said.
Private Access to members-only website

This is where you'll find all the supporting resources and materials for the program. It's a one-stop-shop for everything we cover in the program - and more.

How Much Is All This Information Worth to You?

I made lots of costly mistakes and wasted a lot of valuable time before I learned how to build a solid foundation and put systems in place that continue to bring me more clients, more money and more joy. I don't want you to make those same mistakes - that's why I created this program.

Just one hour with me would cost you $350.00. And the package I've put together for you has been valued at at least $997.00. But I've decided to offer this program for only $247.00.

Honestly, I know I could get more for it (much more), but I want this to be an irresistible offer...

This tiny investment could easily launch you into the
best year in business you've had yet.

And best of all, you'll learn the right way to do it, so you'll really be setting yourself up for success from the start.

Of course, I want you to have the best experience possible, so know that to get the most out of the program, you will need to have a few foundations in place:

1. A secure financial foundation - don't spend your last dime on this program, even though it's extremely affordable!

2. A controlled level of self-esteem - if you understand that it's ok to have good and bad days and still be proud of yourself, then welcome!

3. An open mind and a willing spirit - if you think that it can only be done the traditional way and you are not prepared to try something different - don't join.

4. A sense of humor - I like to have fun and building something that you are passionate about should be a lot of fun!

5. Internet enabled - this may seem obvious but the program will be delivered using online technology, and access to email and the web will be important for you to receive maximum benefit.

This program will give you the 8 strategies that will enable you to set the scene for a simply fantastic start to next year. You will welcome in the new year with the following in place:

1. Looking ahead - visioning where you want to be by this time next year and creating a clear statement of your intentions.

2. Defining your goals - turning your vision into a set of practical and measurable goals.

3. Setting yourself up for success - create those environments that will help unlock your full potential.

4. Planning the time to plan - creating your freedom calendar that will allow you adequate play days, business development days and money-making days.

5. Becoming a world-class time manager - 3 simple steps that will make sure every day is lived to the fullest.

6. Learning the secret formula for making your business an authentic success - it's as easy as 1+1=2

7. Create your marketing and product funnel - this business model will show you the exact journey to a highly profitable business.

8. Building your list - simple low or no-cost ways to draw an abundance of prospects to you



(Think about what you're going to give yourself as a reward
next summer having invested in this program! :))

Don't wait: With the e-coaching via the weekly progress reports, I have to put a limit on the number of participants in order for me to give the highest level of support and service. I expect the program to fill fast again, and I don't want you to have to wait for the next round to jump onboard!

Registration is open for one week only -
Claim one of only 15 spots now.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007 to Wednesday, July 4, 2007
(registration closes at midnight Eastern/NY, 07/04/07)



Yes Alicia - I'd like to head into Fall 2007 Polished, Planned & Prepared!

I understand that for only $247.00, I'll not only get 8 e-lessons, but I'll also get a weekly email progress report, e-coaching with you via my WWOL, as well as access to the PPP Members Only resource website so I'll be polished, planned and prepared for my best year in business yet! I'm also protected by your 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee, so I have nothing to lose.

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Cheers to your success,

Alicia M Forest, MBA
Multiple Streams Queen & Coach™


PS: Don't miss out on making this fall and beyond YOUR best year in business yet (I add the "yet" because it truly only will get better once you have the foundation built and the systems in place). Remember, you're making this purchase with absolutely NO RISK, so claim your spot now!

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