Your Marketing & Product Funnel
by Alicia M Forest, MBA
Multiple Streams Queen & Coach™

Do you often wonder why it is that some coaches and other solo service providers seem to be well-known and sought after in their niche and while others, many others (you, perhaps?), still struggle to attract all the clients they'd like?

I can give you a simple (really!) solution to that problem. It's
called the Marketing & Product Funnel. The Marketing & Product Funnel has been around, in various forms, for 100 years. It is a very effective and real-world proven business model that will SHOW you how to market your business, from the early stages of your business development, to your next level of growth, to your highest vision of where you want your business to be.

Once you implement this model into your business you'll start to enjoy being considered an expert in your niche, as you consistently get your name out there and provide quality products and services. You'll also sell more of those products and services using the Marketing & Product Funnel model, and you'll just have more fun!

Take a minute to look at my logo at the right. That's a funnel, right?
It's wide and the top and tapers down to a narrow opening. When your prospects enter your funnel through your ezine or other (usually) freebie offering, they are in the "getting to know you" level of the funnel. Once they get to know you, like you and trust you, they likely will move down to the next level, which will include your for-fee products and services, your least expensive ones first, increasing in value and cost as they continue downwards, until they eventually get to hiring you one-on-one or to your other big ticket item. That's basically how the funnel system of marketing works.

I see a lot of coaches and other solo service professionals offer a freebie at the top of their Funnel, and then their one-on-one service packages at the bottom, with nothing in between. I made this same mistake myself when I first started out. It's important to have offerings at each level of your Marketing & Product Funnel so people can continue to get to know, like and trust you, as well as get to know, like and trust your products and services.

By the way, when you offer your products and services at different price points, you are lowering the financial and emotional risk for your prospects by giving them the option to invest in you for free or for a much smaller amount than they would if they were to hire you one-on-one. You are essentially making it impossible for them not to buy from you by offering your products and/or services in different packages at different price points.

Implementing this system is easy. Get started by attract prospects into your funnel. Create a freebie offering (an ezine, mini ecourse, ebook, report, guide, checklist, etc.) and put a sign-up form 'above the fold' and prominently on your website. You'll want to add a link to your freebie offering in your email signature as well.

For example, one version of my current email signatures says:

Are you exhausted from working 1:1 with clients, only to be just getting by financially?

Don't give up on your dream of having a profitable business AND time for a great life. Learn the secrets to leveraging your time and talent by getting your FREE ecourse '5 Keys to Wild Abundance in Your Business.'

Simply send a blank email to or visit

This is one highly effective way I attract folks into my funnel.

Once you have prospects in your funnel, find ways to give them more valuable content at increasingly higher prices as they go through the funnel.

For example, the second level of your funnel might offer an ebook for $27 or an ecource for $39. The third level might have a home study course for $147 or a series of teleseminars for $77 each. The fourth level might offer a boot camp for $347, and the fifth level might offer your one-on-one services for $500.

Get the picture? Fabulous - now go to it!

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