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Business Concepts
for Coaches:

How to Easily Apply MBA Principles to
Increase Income, Gain New Clients and
Attain Expert Status

Easy ~ Fun ~ Profitable

This CD plus How-To Booklet is for anyone who'd like to learn and successfully implement some of the essential principles taught in business school without having to incur the debt or endure the stress of actually going to business school.

This program will show how to substantially increase your knowledge of advanced business strategies on your own time and with little cost, all without setting foot inside a classroom.

With analogies and anecdotes to help you understand these concepts easily, you'll be chomping at the bit to start applying them and enjoying what a huge positive impact they will have on your business.

Specifics include:
Bell Curve, Sales Cycle, Supply and Demand, Income Statement and Return on Investment

"Alicia, you've done it AGAIN! You've taken seemingly complex (read "over-my-head"!) topics and broken them down into simple, understandable - and most importantly actionable steps that I can implement immediately that will take my business to the next level. Thank you for creating Business Concepts for Coaches. I can't wait to see what you do next!"

Sarah Robinson

Each concept is followed by actions steps that you can take to make an immediate difference in your work. Each concept also includes a model to follow to make the whole process easy and fun. And some of the concepts will spark ideas to help you realize your greatest vision of your business.

And the best part is the results you'll see from applying these concepts to your business on your bottom line.

In this slim little package, you'll find the same key concepts that Alicia and her clients use to consistently increase their income, gain new clients and attain and grow their expert status every day.

"Business Concepts for Coaches was the perfect product for me. I run a coaching business and I was ready to start taking it to the next level. But I lacked the basic fundamentals of business and marketing.

Business Concepts for Coaches has enabled me to develop this knowledge without attending an expensive course - very important for a soloprenuer! The CD means that I can listen to the information at a time which is suitable for me and the accompanying booklet reinforces the information. The 5 concepts are explained so that they can be easily applied to a coaching business and I'm now using this information to further develop my own business.

This is great information Alicia - thank you for making it so accessible and relevant!"

Karen Field, CMIM, Dip Anxiety M
Anxiety Management Coach

Included inside:

- a 30-minute audio recording on CD covering the "5 Essential Business Concepts Every Coach Needs to Know to Grow their Business"

- a 20-page How-To Booklet with specific examples of how to apply the concepts to your business

- a 50-minute Bonus Track - "The 9 R's to Modeling Your Mentors"

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"I've re-focused my niche, went deeper with the mission and vision of my business, gained record numbers of e-zine subscribers, made several amazing business connections, am getting a ton more exposure, and of course, I'm gaining new clientsand making more money as well!"

Jenn Givler

Being a coach and in the helping profession, sometimes it's hard to grasp anything more concrete than knowing you want to help others. After all, most coaches went into business to do just that.

But the fact is, if you're a coach, you are IN business, and in order to stay IN business, you need to develop and truly embrace a business mindset as well.

In this mini-MBA program, I've taken some of the crucial business skills I learned while earning my Masters in Business Administration degree and made them easy to understand and apply to your coaching business so you can achieve the success you desire.

With each concept, I give you a basic definition and a concrete example of how you can apply it to your own business right away. My hope is that by doing so, you'll make the shift from being not just a coach, but to being a business owner as well.

In this program. I share with you the essential business concepts every coach needs to know (that I got an MBA to learn!) if you want to create a successful and sustainable coaching business now and for the future.

Here's just some of what you'll learn:

How to stand out from the all the other coaches who do what you do, whether you're a life coach, business coach, career coach, executive coach, or any other kind of coach so your message doesn't get lost in the online world.

How to use basic human psychology to help those people in your target market take advantage of the benefits of working with you or investing in your products.

What kind of 'continuing education' you really need to make substantial money as a coach.

How to attract your ideal clients and customers to you and how to keep them interested in what it is that you're offering until they are ready to buy.

How to know what money is coming in, what's going out, and how to make sure that your bottom line always grows.

And SO much more...

For just $97 LIMITED TIME price of just $77 PLUS FREE SHIPPING*, you'll jump to the head of the line with this need-to-know information for building your own successful and sustainable coaching business.

Packaged in an easy to read and follow format, you can start putting the concepts into practice TODAY to increase your business TODAY.

And of course, you get my "No Quibbles Guarantee" - that's 100% money-back, no questions asked. Period.


Cheers to your success,

Alicia M Forest, MBA
Multiple Streams Queen & Coach™


PS: Remember, you're making this investment at absolutely NO RISK. You've got nothing to lose (except more clients and customers!), so reserve your copy right now.

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